TF Series Teller Windows

The TF Series teller window is designer to provide Level 3, .44 magnum ballistic protection and allow for easy transaction of business.  The window type is suitable for ULŪ Listed bullet resistant partitions National Bullet Proof, Inc. produces or for a wall opening that has an existing plastic laminate or solid surface type countertop.

Model TF-49 Teller Window

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Standard Features

  • UL Listed Bullet Resistant finish painted framing.  The framing is factory prepared ready to fasten into a wall opening.
  • Bullet resistant framing with SoundSpace design.  SoundSpace lets users conduct transactions efficient.  SoundSpace glazing holders are included with the assembly.
  • ULŪ Listed Bullet Resistant glass clad polycarbonate (to provide forced entry protection that other glass products do not).
  • Protective glazing track to cover bottom of glass.
  • TF mortise type deal tray produced from UL Listed Balistex(R) Bullet Resistant stainless steel.  This deal tray mounts directly into a cutout made in your counter.   The pass area is 12" x 7-1/2" X 1-1/2".
  • Complete installation instructions.