RB Teller Window


Riser Box Teller Windows are manufactured from Balistex(R) 357S stainless steel framing exterior and 238P prime painted interior, stainless steel riser box sides and top with extra sound transmission perforations.  Plastic laminated riser panels are located on threat side  with  plastic shelving on interior of riser along with glazing, glass track and stainless steel deal tray.


rb.jpg (8145 bytes) Standard Features
  • Stainless steel deal tray
  • Bullet resistant glass
  • Stainless steel bullet resistant riser assemblies
  • Voice communication panels
  • Plastic laminated riser finish on exterior
  • Storage shelving for interior of riser

Overall Size:  43-1/2"Wide X 44-3/4"High
Visual Opening: 41"Wide X 31"High