NPP Package Passer

Designed for safe transfer of bulky items through a wall, the NPP Package Passer is a ULŪ listed bullet and/or fire resistant assembly.  Each passer includes a fixed exterior trim frame attached to the body and an interior clamping type frame for easy installation.
The product has interior and exterior doors equipped with an interlock that prevents both doors from being open simultaneously.  The NPP line of passers can be fabricated including any option with any size or application.


Standard Features
  • Balistex(R) construction
  • Stainless steel door pulls
  • Interior clamping trim framing
  • Stianless steel continuous hinges
  • Stianless steel interlock
  • Fixed exterior trim frame
  • Vision panels in passer doors
  • Exterior drip cap
  • Locking options
  • Closures on exterior door
  • Weather-stripping
  • Flush door pulls
  • Clean room seals
  • Transparent doors
  • Fire rated passer

Standard Sizes

Model Number

Std. Size Prime Painted Painted housing Stainless door and trim All brushed Stainless Steel
14"x14"x14" NPP-14-P NPP-14-P/S NPP-14-S
18"x18"x18" NPP-8-P NPP-18-P/S NPP-18-S


Ordering Information

  • Standard Package Passer Models Indicate:
  1. Model Number
  2. Ballistic threat level
  3. Swing
  • Made to order package passers indicate:
  1. Interior capacity needed
  2. Product finished (prime painted, stainless steel, other)
  3. Ballistic threat level
  4. Swing
  5. Fire rating if needed
  6. Options such as locks, weather-stripping