Door Assemblies


National Bullet Proof, Inc. manufactures bullet resistant, detention, and dual rated fire/bullet resistant doors and frames with Balistex(R) steel.

The assembly's resemblance to a standard hollow metal door enables designer to include high security products without altering the appearance of a building's design.

ULŪ Listed bullet resistant doors are available in all ballistic levels.   Certification to higher levels is provided upon request.

Custom sizes are available.


Standard Hardware

  • Mortise lockset (FO7, exterior lever rigid, latch operated by key or interior lever)
  • Yale 406SB closer
  • NBPCH 1415 heavy-duty continuous hinge
  • Rubber door silencers
  • Masonry "T" anchors or expansion bolt preparation
  • Prime painted finish



  • Transoms
  • Insulation
  • Louvers
  • Electric Strikes
  • Custom Frames
  • Stainless steel
  • Deal Trays
  • Side lights
  • Forced Entry
  • Custom hardware
  • Special sizes
  • Painted finish
  • Wood veneered
  • Sliding operators

Typical Door Types for currency Exchanges and Payday Loans